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Defect: Magnify window still doesn't work

In an exisiting notebook, I added a new page with the "next page" button. I then did a handwriting headline. Then I pasted a text which I copied from an email into a separate frame and places handwriten numbers before the pasted text (1., 2., etc.). Below the textframe I then started handwriting in magnified mode. The first lines looked good and it was also a quite fast writing response. But then the writing disapeared first in the magnified window and then on the page as well.


I'd like to suggest to apply the autoscroll and "carriage return / line feed" mechanism to the main window if magnification above 1.0. That'll eliminate the problem of putting the writing in the magnified window at the correct place in the main window. And it would provide a better page overview. You should rethink it ;-)



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